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What is a "Passbook/Wallet"? How can I save my online ticket on my phone?

Published on 3/24/2015 by

The MCH Online Shop supports the Passbook/wallet app, which allows you to save online tickets on your smartphone. As soon as the ticket order has been completed, in addition to the PDF-version, a Passbook/Wallet file will be sent to your personal email address together with the confirmation e-mail. Open the file in your app and it will automatically save the ticket. To enter the fair, please open the ticket in the "Passbook/Wallet application so it can be scanned.

The Passbook/Wallet application is a default application on iPhones and iPod Touch devices running on iOS 6 or later. For other operating systems (Android / Windows Phone), third-party apps are available in the respective app stores; however, we cannot guarantee either their functionality or design.

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